Get to know item North America

For us, it started in October 1996. The Nordhauss family from Solingen, Germany decided to leave item International to start a new life and new aluminum profile company in the United States – specifically in Akron, Ohio.

The new company went through a series of name changes, but suffice to say if you are looking for item MB Kit Systems, item North America, item USA, item Products, item Akron or item International, you have come to the right place.  

And if you expect just an aluminum extruder to get excited about new ways to use aluminum profile, we’ve got a surprise for you. In fact, if you are a manufacturer who regularly relies on welded, painted steel for a variety of applications, you need to know more about our aluminum profile solutions.

We start by relying on the world’s best aluminum extruders. Then we take that extruded aluminum and aluminum profile to create robust structures, sub-structures, machine bases, frames, work stations, laser enclosures, sound containment enclosures, custom or specialty enclosures and a wide array of applications to replace welded, painted steel.

And for us, it’s not just about using aluminum profile to build machine guarding. We’re the best in the world when it comes to using aluminum profile to create linear motion machines. Our machine building system of actuator components are used to design and build belt-driven linear actuators, gantry robots, Cartesian robots, pick & place units, positioning & indexing systems, single and multi-axis automation systems.

The end result from our extruded aluminum solutions are machines that are so precise that linear motion can be created through the use of the T-slots on many of the 320 different aluminum extrusions.

Additionally, we can deliver ball screws or screw driven actuators up to 110 inches in length with five and twenty pitch screws.

And with customers throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica and Mexico, we ship globally and meet diverse needs.